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Are You Experiencing a Life-Changing Event?

“When life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes.” – Susan Bradley

Change is an inevitable part of life. Whether it is a welcomed retirement after a long life of hard work or the unpredicted loss of a loved one, everyone will experience life-changing events in their lifetimes.

Source: Sudden Money Institute. Used with permission.

In times of transition, people may feel a wide range of ever-changing emotions, from stress to euphoria. But because we haven’t been taught how to manage life’s transitions, we are often unaware of our emotions and how they affect our communication, our thought process, and our decision-making. Money is closely tied to our emotions and can be significantly impacted when we are forced to make financial decisions in the midst of uncertainty. These decisions can have long-term consequences, both personal and financial.

Kirsch & Associates helps you to identify when to sit with the uncertainties and the unknown, and when to move forward and make decisions. We recognize that whether your life event is planned or unexpected, both the financial and personal aspects of your transition are equally important and equally complex. To help you pursue the optimal long-term solution, we help you address both sides of change so that you can make smart decisions about money management, insurance and investments. We specialize in helping clients facing life’s pivotal events to strive for peace in the present moment and confidence about their futures. Our trusted guides can help you avoid costly mistakes and turn this time of transition into one of opportunity and growth.

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