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Why do we believe in the team approach at Kirsch & Associates? In a word: Complexity.  

While we are experiencing more abundance than ever before in history, preparing for a secure financial future has never been as complex as it is today. 

Your financial picture is not only affected by the economy, the geopolitical situation, and interrelated markets (where someone sneezes in China and we catch a cold in the US), but also by your own health, emotions and physiology. Behavioral finance teaches us that under normal circumstances we may not always make decisions in our best interests.  Life-changing events complicate this by creating uncertainty and additional complexity which can lead to temporary cognitive diminishment.

No one financial professional can know enough to successfully plan, implement, and monitor this integrated and intricate model.  Our team’s collective knowledge and capability span multiple fields.  These include:

  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Change Management

In addition, we work with outside professionals such as attorneys and accountants to put all the pieces in place. We believe our clients experience increased benefits from this team approach which allows us to add a broader perspective and address the entire financial picture holistically.

You can partner with us in confidence, knowing that you are getting unbiased, professional financial guidance from a team that includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and professionals trained in the art and science of transitions.

Our skills, training, and experience help you recognize and address the characteristics of the life change itself while addressing the financial implications of the change.

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