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“Money is a conduit through which our Souls Flow into the World.” – George Kinder

Kirsch & Associates has been helping clients pursue their financial goals since 1990. Clients hire us to help them make smart financial decisions and move forward with confidence and a sense of purpose.  

Our strengths are that we:

       Are trained in the art & science of transition as well as traditional financial planning because both are equally important and equally complex

       Use our trademarked process to help you integrate the personal experience with the technical sides of money management, insurance and investments for better potential outcomes

       Organize, prioritize & simplify your financial lives to achieve space of mind

       Help you understand and articulate your values and goals so that you can align your wealth accordingly

       Recommend creative paths to work toward your goals so that you can make educated choices

       Use tools and create visuals (rather than just numbers) to help you understand your choices & selected paths

       Can help you implement our investment and insurance recommendations

       Can coordinate with your other advisors, such as your accountant or attorney, so that your team is on the same page

       Act as a catalyst to get things done because we know you are busy and not necessarily interested in the financial subjects

       Continue to monitor your situation and recommend changes as needed so that you can focus on the things that are important to you.

The journey from where you are today to getting to pursue what truly matters to you may look like a long one. You may be faced with uncertainty and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of decisions that need to be made, your lack of training or education in these areas, or your lack of confidence in making decisions alone.

Regardless, we believe that before you can make wise investment decisions, you have to start with an understanding of where you are today and where you hope to go.  Major life changes, whether planned or unplanned, often may also require you to determine “who you are” today and “what” is important to you and “why”.

The CFP® Board of Standards of Professional Conduct defines traditional financial planning using these six steps:

Establish and define the client-planner relationship
Gather client data including goals
Analyze and evaluate the client's current financial status
Develop and present recommendations and/or alternatives
Implement the recommendations
Monitor the recommendations

Life-changing events, whether planned or unplanned, create complexity that calls for additional tools and process beyond traditional financial planning. When in the midst of a life-changing event, you have to address the change itself, before you can make decisions about the money.

For this reason, Kirsch & Associates has created a fee-based process that integrates traditional financial planning with transition planning and personal coaching to help you bridge the gap between the personal and technical sides of change and map a course to the new you. We call our unique approach The TruWealth® Process.

The TruWealth Process covers all the steps in a traditional financial plan and includes the ability to monitor your progress through our web-based Wealth Management Systems™. Beyond that, it includes additional tools to help you address the personal side of change and make decisions that require adaptive and critical thinking.

Our process starts with identifying all the things that are renting space in your brain and keeping you up at night. We then discuss what your ideal outcome looks like. Once we get all those thoughts down on paper and we agree on where you’re headed, we can help you to organize, prioritize and systematize.

Because we are trained in the art and science of transition using Sudden Money Institute’s curriculum, you can expect tools to help you:

Determine What has Changed & If you’re OK
Identify, Organize & Prioritize your Decisions
Articulate your Communications Preferences & Create Agreements
Assess your Talents & Strengths
Comprehend & Visualize Recommendations
Manage other’s Expectations
Track your Progress
Write & Reinvent your Story

The ultimate goal of The TruWealth® Process is to help our clients strive for peace in the present moment and confidence about the future by addressing both the personal and technical sides of money management, insurance and investments. By helping you address both sides of money, you can align your financial, tax, and legal pieces with your goals, values and ideal future self so that you can make smart financial decisions and move forward with confidence and a sense of purpose.

Due to the complexity of The TruWealth® Process, it is broken into phases. Based on past client experience, you can expect each phase to take three to six months, and expect it to take longer if you’re in an unplanned transition like widowhood or divorce.

All the Phases Include:

Web-based Reports Updated Daily Through Wealth Management Systems™
Software Training + Account Connections
Limited Online Document Storage
Alternative Scenarios & Testing
Visual & Written Illustrations to Accompany the Numbers that Articulate the “What, How & Why” of Your Alternative Choices & Decisions
Personal Coaching Tools & Exercises that Create Opportunity for a More Successful Transition. Topics Include Communications Preferences, Decision Prioritization, Managing Expectations (Yours & Others), Determining What has Changed, Reinvention & More

Phase I or the Foundations Phase includes a comprehensive discovery process to deep-dive into your goals, dreams and desires for a better understanding of who you are and what’s important to you, where you are financially, how you best learn and communicate, and how you can work toward your short and long-term goals. The goal of Phase I is to define your “ideal self” and develop a cash flow plan that aligns with that ideal self and supports you both now and into the future. Phase I includes the following:

Mind Mapping of Goals, Interests & Relationships$3,500
Communications Preference Exercise
Touchstones Exercise & Financial Mission Statement
Dream Card Exercise & Core Values Statement
Organizational Style Identification Tool
Decision Free Zone for Organizing, Prioritizing and Systematizing
Financial Data Collection, Organization & Entry into Web-Based Wealth Management Systems™
Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statements: Creation, Review and Planning
Retirement Planning Projections + Risk Mitigation Exercise to Identify What could Prevent Success

Additional Services Available:

Education Planning+ $100/Child
Buy/Sell of Asset+ $100/Transaction
Domestic Real Estate Holdings Review+ $250/Asset
Goal Planning + Meeting+ $500/Goal
Budgeting + Meeting+ $500
Employee Benefits Evaluation+ $500
Business Planning + Meeting+ $1,000

Phase II or the Investment & Tax-Planning Phase allows you to apply what you learned in Phase I to create investment portfolios that support optimal outcomes. You will determine your personal risk/reward comfort level based on the science of behavioral finance and learn how you can integrate this personal information with the external finances to develop an investment statement and strategy. You will learn techniques based on the latest academic research for structuring your portfolio to optimize returns while mitigating investment risks. You will also determine what you value most from your relationship with your financial professionals so that you can structure an ideal working relationship for monitoring your investments on an on-going basis. The goal of Phase II is to create an investment portfolio in alignment with your “ideal self” as well as give you confidence that your investment plan has the potential to support you both now and into the future. Phase II includes the following:

Financial DNA® & Investment Statement CreationSee Hourly Rate Chart
Income Distribution Tools & Strategies
Investment Screening & Historical Time Weighted Performance
Asset Allocation & Investment Recommendations
401(k) Review
Income Tax Projections & Mitigation
Consultation with Accountant
Graphic Summary of Income & Investment Plan
Advisor-Assisted Account Connections into Wealth Management Systems™

Phase III or the Overcoming Risk & Leaving a Legacy Phase includes a review of your current insurance policies and estate plan with the goal of making sure that they are in alignment with the goals, dreams and “ideal self” that you articulated in Phase I. You will develop an Income & Asset Protection Plan, a Family Giving Statement and a Legacy Plan to provide for the protection of what you’ve accumulated and the care and development of your loved ones. The goal of Phase III is to allow you to prepare for contingencies both now and in the future, even beyond your lifetime. Phase III includes:

Disability or Long-Term Care Needs Calculations & Planning$3,000
Life Insurance Needs Calculations & Planning
Income & Asset Protection Plan
Estate, Texas Probate & Legacy Distribution Planning
Account Titling & Beneficiary Review

Legal Document Review

*We are not attorneys and any legal information is for educational purposes only. You should obtain competent legal counsel before implementing any legal strategies.

Estate Tax Projections
In Case of Emergency (ICE) Worksheet
Consultation with Legal Team
Graphic Summary of Estate Plan

Additional Services Available:

Change of Investment Titles/Beneficiaries (Assets Held at K&A)+ $100/Account
Change of Investment Titles/Beneficiaries (Assets Held Away)+ $200/Account
Administration of Estate Distribution to HeirsAsk for Quote
In force Policy Review+ $250
Family Meeting+ $500
Family Giving & Sharing or Charitable Gift Planning+ $1,000
Business Succession Planning+ $2,500

We recognize that from time to time, you may have needs that do not fit into our normal bundle. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you and are available on an hourly rate for these services.

TaskHourly Rate
Data Input$85.00
Financial Planning$350.00
Financial Planning and Research$400.00

Once your plan is in place, we will lock it down into your personal online vault using Wealth Management Systems™. You can also safely and securely store copies of important documents, like tax returns and estate documents, in your personal vault.

For a year from the time of our engagement, your plan will be updated daily to reflect current values for all your connected holdings such as your 401k, bank accounts and investment accounts, so that you can continue to monitor your financial health on an ongoing basis.

From that point forward, we suggest TruWealth Checkup stewardship reviews as needed and we have several levels of service available.

 The TruWealth® Process is a fee-based financial planning process and does not include Implementation.  There are separate costs associated with implementing your investments or insurance products.  We are fully licensed and trained to help you implement your plan. You have access to a wide array of products and services.  Which include:

  • Investments and personal portfolio management
  • Life, disability income, and long-term care insurance**
  • Trust services***

Should you desire to implement with us, you may qualify for discounts towards your TruWealth Checkups. 

*We do not offer legal, tax or bill paying services but can refer you to professionals with whom we work closely. Joy D. Kirsch and Kirsch & Associates are not affiliates or subsidiaries of any accounting firms and those firms are not affiliates of LPL Financial. Kirsch & Associates, nor any of its employees or representatives, are authorized to give tax or legal advice. Individuals are encouraged to seek the guidance of their own personal legal or tax counsel.

**Kirsch & Associates does not offer medical insurance or property & casualty insurance. We are happy to offer you a list of professionals who will provide an independent review.

***LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

You are under no obligation to use Joy D. Kirsch, CFP® or her associates to implement the investment or insurance recommendations from your financial plan. In fact, the offering of these products represents a potential conflict of interest. However, should you prefer to implement through us, we are happy to help you. Fees and/or commissions earned from the sale of investments, insurance, or other financial products are fully disclosed prior to any purchase.

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Not just a Transition, a Transformation™

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